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1st Term

Objective Advanced Unit 1-4
Use of English
Listening: track 01; track 02; track 03 ; track 04; track 05; track 06; track 07

2nd Term

Objective Advanced Unit 6 - 10
Listening: track 10; track 11; track 12; track 13; track 14 ;track 15; track 16;cd 2 track 12; 13; 14

3rd Term

Ted talks: see planner
Ted Talks instruction
Ted talks assessment form

Listening practice:

CAE listening tests (with answers) can be found here
and here

Another listening test: download the questions and listen to the tracks.
Test 3
part 3-1A, 1B track 3-1
part 3-2 track 3-2
part 3-3 track 3-3
part 3-4 track 3-4
Here's the key.

4th Term

CAE writing: intro and review
use this review checklist
info formal versus informal plus formal - informal assignment
info formal letter plus assignment plus practice material
essay, useful sentences

5th Term

Othello text

Lesson 1, 2: background
Lesson 2: prediction
Lesson 3: Act 1
Lesson 4: Act 2
Lesson 5: Act 3
Lesson 6: Act 4
Lesson 7: Act 5

Week task

vocabulary task

Grammar mistakes

Stop making the same mistakes again and again!
Find an explanation on this site: Top 60 grammar mistakes

Irregular verbs: take care you know them!

Reading books

This year you must read four novels. Three of them are compulsory and are tested in a written test.

See planners.


Woordenlijsten WRTS

  1. Ga naar en meld je aan.
  2. Ga vervolgens naar en kies de woordenlijst die je wilt hebben. Klik op overnemen.
  3. Vergeet niet de woordenlijst op te slaan voordat je WRTS verlaat!
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