1st term; 2nd term; 3rd term; 4th term; 5th term; 5th term part 2

1st Term

Objective First Unit 1-4
Objective First Unit 5-10
Listening: track 02
track 03; track 04; track 05; track 06; track 07

2nd Term

Objective First Unit 5-10
Objective First Unit 10-12.1
track 08; track 09; track 10; track 11; track 012; track 13; track 14; track 15; track 16

3rd Term

Objective First Listening: track 13.1 ex 4; track 15.1 ex 2
Objective First Speaking: track 15.1 ex 7
book review

4th Term

Leesvaardigheid text 1, vragen (Better Safe than Sorry)
Leesvaardigheid text 1, vragen (Is there Life after Death?)
Leesvaardigheid text 1, vragen 1, vragen 2, vragen 3 (Naming the Victim)
Leesvaardigheid text 1, vragen (4 korte teksten)

5th Term

Literature project

  1. Nightmare in Yellow
  2. A Martian sends a Postcard Home
  3. The last Night that she Lived
  4. Telephone Conversation, The Suspect
  5. Cat in the Rain (use Google), questions,
    The Lie,
    I Spy (use Google), questions
  6. Song, Shopping,The Hero

Week task

vocabulary task

Grammar mistakes

Stop making the same mistakes again and again!
Find an explanation on this site: Top 60 grammar mistakes

Irregular verbs: take care you know them!

Reading books

This year you must read four books:
Meg Rosoff, How I live Now
Ira Levin, Boys from Brazil
CS Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
... plus a fourth novel (to be announced later)


Objective First Unit 1-4
Objective First Unit 5-10

Woordenlijsten WRTS

  1. Ga naar en meld je aan.
  2. Ga vervolgens naar en kies de woordenlijst die je wilt hebben. Klik op overnemen.
  3. Vergeet niet de woordenlijst op te slaan voordat je WRTS verlaat!
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