Dido and Aeneas









You are going find out lots of things about the first opera in England, Dido and Aeneas.

Your journey through the Internet will bring you to much background information about the time and circumstances in which it was written, as well as to the opera itself.

You are going to work in a group of two persons, 

1: a historian
2: a sociologist
1 and 2: musicians

And you will find out

  • when the opera was written and for whom (assignment 1, the historian)
  • why witches played a part in this opera (assignment 2, the sociologist)
  • how the music supports the text and influences your feelings (assignment 3, the musicians)

and you will end up with a portfolio full of interesting facts about the work, so that it won’t be a problem at all to  make an oral presentation about it, using Powerpoint.

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