E Handling Cito exams  

Angry Computer cartoon  E1 Learn to distinguish various types of texts
First read the instructions!

Surf to:


and choose the exercise about text types.


   E2 Seven pitfalls

Why do there always seem to be two correct answers when doing multiple choice questions? Study this information (in Dutch): 7 pitfalls in Cito questions .
Then find a Cito exam text with many multiple choice questions. Do the exam and for every answer you do not choose find out what the pitfall is.


     E3 Extensive reading: skimming and scanning

Use this site to find out the difference between skimming and scanning and summarize it. Then use havovwo.nl to do a number of extensive texts: large texts with only one or two questions (the last two or three texts of an exam). Do at least 6 exam texts and check your work with the help of the answers provided by havovwo.nl. Note: you have about 3 minutes for each question!


Angry Computer cartoon  E4 Extensive reading: skimming and scanning

First read what you are supposed to do!

Surf to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/skillswise/skimming-and-scanning/zd39f4j
browse the possibilities and choose one of the worksheets on skimming and scanning.

  E5 How to formulate well

Answering a question - even in Dutch - can be really hard work! Sometimes you know the answer very well, but how do you write it down? Practise this by choosing an exam text with a lot of open questions. Answer the questions (including the multiple choice questions).
Before you check your answers: reread your own formulations and see if they are complete and understandable. When checking your answers, don't be too permissive, but only count the points you actually deserve.
Do this exercise several times and see if your writing skills improve.

Angry Computer cartoonE6 Practising gap texts

A big variety of texts in which you must fill in the words that have been left out:


  E7 Watch the time!

A complete Cito exam takes three lessons (150 minutes). Do a complete exam -  don't waste too much time using your dictionary -  and see if you can do it within 3 lessons.
Note: use arithmetic to find out how much time you have for each point you can score.
Mind you: doing a complete exam also takes lots of concentration. Before your final exam, do a complete exam in 2 1/2 hours and see if you can focus well.