D Active reading  

    D1 Ask the right questions

How to understand a text by asking the right questions.
(active reading, you also need text 1 and text 2 ). Ask your teacher for a printed version.

    D2 Answer questions about a text

When you know what questions you should ask while reading a text, you will also find the answers. Note: don't just answer the questions, but learn from this exercise how to ask the right questions yourself.

Advice: first do a number of texts in D2, then do D3.

Exam vwo 1      text    Answers                                Exam havo 1      text                                                        Exam vmbo 1       text
     Local must replace global                                                         People will always judge by appearances                        Better safe than sorry

Exam vwo 2      text    Answers                                Exam havo 2       text                                                       Exam vmbo 2        text
     Welcome to the fat slob way of life                                          Power of the pocket                                                             Is there life after death?

Exam vwo 3      text                                                   Exam havo 3   and this one    text    mcq
     Let's be honest                                                                           Naming the victim

Exam vwo 4      text    mcq                                       Exam havo 4      text
     Party people                                                                              Four short texts

Exam vwo 5      text    mcq
     Green gauge

Exam vwo 6      text    mcq
     A blot on the environment

Exam vwo 7     text    mcq
     Fidei defensor

D3 Asking the right questions yourself  

Now make a similar exercise yourself. Use any exam text you like. Use the general form to help you, but do ask specific questions about your text.
mail your questions to me, I might use them for my pupils.


    D4 Summarizing is the most active way of reading

Choose an exam text from havovwo.nl and study it using a general form. The form helps you to read actively. After filling in the form, do the Cito questions and see if you've understood the text well.

    D5 Intensive reading with a dictionary

It takes much time, but is really very helpful: choose an exam text, read it while looking up all words you don't know. Then read the questions, also looking up all words you donīt know. Then answer these questions. If you do this 3 or 4 times, you īll increase your reading skills considerably.

Angry Computer cartoon  D6 reading with Escape

Ask your teacher for the Escape cd  and improve your reading skills. First do the preliminary test and follow the instructions.
havo: level 2
vwo: level 3

Angry Computer cartoon 
D7 Quick scan

Do the Cito quick-scan for havo or vwo.
This Quick Scan contains relatively short texts and is therefore easier than a real exam. However, it gives you an idea of what kind of questions to expect at an exam.