C Woordenschat: redundantie  

    C1 Learn words from the context 1

Repeat, clarify, explain, picture  
Ask your teacher for a printed version of this lesson.
Use this form to type down your answers.
Check your answers.


    C2 Learn words from the context 2

Let me guess  
Ask your teacher for a printed version.
Type your answers in a word document.
Check your answers: you'll find them at the bottom of the teacher's note.

Angry Computer cartoon  C3 Practise guessing words from the context

            http://www.rhlschool.com/read5n30.htm (4 words)

http://www.uefap.com/vocab/exercise/lernunkn/orange.htm (part of a story by Anthony Burgess in which nonsense words have been used)                 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Tony1/How_to_satisfy_Criterion_1a:_redundancy_exercises#Exercise_1:_remove_a_single_word (find redundancy in English sentences (not too easy!)


    C4 General knowledge and redundancy

Forget about your dictionary and use your knowledge to guess words from the context. With an explanation of how to use this skill.
( woordkennis en redundantie)


    C5 Improve your vocabulary, using the context

Use your imagination and improve your vocabulary
(verbeter je woordenschat)