1st term
2nd term
3rd term
4th term
5th term

1st Term

Stepping Stones chapter 1

2nd Term

Stepping Stones chapter 1

3rd Term

Speaking test

A Christmas Carol:
Reading help
Background information
Background information answers

Listening test Cito: Practice here:
(first listen, then answer the questions) (listen and finish the vocabulary challenge afterwards)
(with pre- and post-listening exercises)

4th Term

Reading help And Then there were None
Assessment form presentations
Writing: see Stepping Stones chapters 3, 4, see planner. Learn Exam Vocabulary from 'what is made clear about' PLUS this list (quizlet, 107 words)

5th Term

Grammar mistakes

Stop making the same mistakes again and again!
Find an explanation on this site: Top 60 grammar mistakes

Irregular verbs: take care you know them!

Reading books

This year you must read three books:

Book 1
William Golding, Lord of the Flies
audio file

Book 2
Agatha Christie, And Then there were None

Book 3
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

All books are presented and partly read in class.


Stepping Stones

Exam training

Reading strategies
Cito strategieën 1 general introduction
Cito strategieën 2 multiple choice texts (mcq)
Cito strategieën 3 gap texts
Cito overige teksten

Stap voor stap uitleg: hoe pak je een examentekst aan?

>> Download eerst de genoemde teksten en opgaven, print ze!
1 Rider off the rails, mcq, havo 2011-I tekst 2, uitleg op Youtube, here's the text
2 Examentekst Havo Engels 2019 II-7, here's the text
3 Examentekst Havo Engels 2019 II-1, 2, 3, here is text 1, text 2, text 3


Woordenlijsten WRTS

  1. Ga naar en meld je aan.
  2. Ga vervolgens naar en kies de woordenlijst die je wilt hebben. Klik op overnemen.
  3. Vergeet niet de woordenlijst op te slaan voordat je WRTS verlaat!
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